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What is Servant Leadership?

In our leadership blog, we cover many different topics that are useful to those in the nursing and medical professions. We want to help you understand more about leadership in the workplace in general and nursing in specific. However, one of the topics you’ll find us refer to time and time again is servant leadership. You may wonder, what exactly is servant leadership anyway? Let us share the basics with you.


Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which an individual is a servant first, and the leadership role is born organically from that. With servant leadership, the ultimate goal is to make sure everyone else’s needs are met first. A servant leader will take care of all the high level needs of his or her staff or team first, so that everything else that needs to be accomplished will happen naturally.


Additionally, a servant leader is focused on the growth and encouragement of those whom he or she leads. Rather than acting as a boss, per se, the leader will provide gentle encouragement, often working directly in the trenches with his or her staff. A servant leader will have a teacher’s heart and feel empowered by helping those in the team or staff grow and become their very best.


When you understand servant leadership, you’ll see how it can be particularly useful in a nursing environment. A good nurse is a servant at heart, of course, so working with a servant leadership philosophy just makes sense.


If you would like to learn more about this topic or other ways to make nursing more rewarding and effective, especially from a leadership point of view, make sure to keep up to date with our leadership blog. We look forward to helping you grow and encourage growth in those about you.

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