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Nursing Onboarding

Must-Do Steps in Nursing Onboarding

When you’re the one in charge of nursing onboarding, it can seem a little overwhelming at times. THere is so much you need to cover with your new staff members to make sure they are comfortable in their jobs and ready to give your patients the best level of care possible. Here are a few “must-do” steps for the nursing onboarding process to make sure you don’t miss anything important.


  • Paperwork - Make sure you have all new employees fill out all the paperwork required by your parent organization, your office and the government. Missing even one simple document can make for a big hassle down the road, so take the time to do things right.

  • Share Company Culture and Mission - One step that is often forgotten during the busy onboarding period is sharing your company or office’s culture and mission. By doing this you show your new nursing partners they are part of something bigger.

  • Provide Specialty Training - While a nurse may come to your organization with skills and knowledge, they aren’t ready to jump in and do things your way. Make sure they have the training they need to get the job done.

  • Cover Nursing Productivity - Nursing productivity is important as it will help your nurses get more done throughout the day and make sure they have time to serve your patients well. Spending a little time focusing on this important aspect of the job is key.


As you can see, there is a lot to think about when you’re bringing in a new nurse or other members of your staff. We offer many great tools that will make the process easier. Check out our blog for more great advice that is sure to help you empower your new employees with what they need to succeed at your office.

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