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Nursing Turnover

Healthy Work Environment Tips for Nurses

It is unfortunate to think about, but nursing turnover is a big problem. One of the reasons why is that there are so many places for nurses to work (hospitals, doctors offices, walk in clinics, nursing homes, etc) that there always seems to be another job around the corner. That means that if nurses are not happy with the atmosphere at their job, they are likely already putting their resume out there to find another job. That’s why it is important to look at healthy work environment tips to make your workplace more appealing. Not only will that make for happier nurses but it ensures your patients get better care too.


  • Prevent Bullying - Bullying is a bigger problem in nursing environments than many people think. By nipping this issue in the bud it can make for a much healthier work environment for all involved.

  • Focus on Leadership - The leaders in your office are the ones that will help everyone else feel more motivated to be positive and improve the workplace too.

  • Share Mission and Goals - By sharing more information about the company’s mission and goals with everyone in the facility you’ll create staff who are motivated by more than just pay--they will be motivated to share in your mission too.

  • Foster Team Building - Whether you have an official team building day or you just implement team building into your day-to-day work, it can make everyone feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. This is also a great way to find new leaders too.


Most of all, it is vital to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your practice. Spend some time talking with your nurses and find out if they are happy or what they need to remain so. This can pay off big time by lowering the nursing turnover you’re faced with.

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